Mr Proof.

There are moments when people will warn you against a decision you’re making or a step you’re taking. Yet, the more forewarned you are, the more you would want to take that step, curious of how things will turn out. It’s similar to how the lure of cigarettes, heroin, and other drugs suddenly sounds even more tempting after we’ve been told that they are not allowed. The more sceptical people are, the more you want to prove them wrong. The more you want to substantiate the glimmer of light you’ve seen in that ridiculous idea of yours. You hold on to that idea simply to prove that you were right to hope, to believe and to trust. I guess, being able to appreciate something no one else was able to see gives one a really great sense of satisfaction. But, the sad thing is that– in the event that you are wrong, it’s gonna hurt even more. Because aside from mr disappointment nagging at you, mr shame will be there haunting you too. And, he will be accompanied with his mafia mocking you, “we told you so.”

So, what were you trying to prove again?


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