Micah J. Murray Once Said,

I worry that saying ‘Be like Jesus! He’s cool cuz He hung out with sinners!’ actually ostracizes ‘sinners’. He never labeled them as such. It was disapproving religious folk who said Jesus was a friend of sinners. They were insulting Jesus by lumping him with ‘dirty people’. If we feel good about ourselves because we hang out with ‘sinners’, we’re elevating ourselves in a Pharisaical hierarchy. Jesus didn’t tell us to love sinners. He told us to love our neighbors [and our enemies]. So no, don’t ‘be like Jesus who hung out with prostitutes and drunkards’. Be like Jesus who saw people as names and faces and stories, not sins. When religious people point at you and say ‘Don’t you know this woman has a past?’, Jesus smiles and says ‘I know she has a future.’



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