Dear future lover,

source: marianna and mikekinsella


thy royal family

someday, i’ll share my bed with someone funky and funny. he’ll be humorous and spontaneous. whatever it is, it will be cool because none of us will be judgmental. both of us can feel free to do, say, think whatever he wants. but, if he’s the right guy for me, i’m sure we’ll both ensure to highlight the great things and use them to overrule the bad. either way, we will be partners in crime. he’ll be the first thing i want to see in the morning and the last thing i’ll see at night. and the best thing is, that’s exactly what he’d wants. we’ll share jokes and do stupid stuff just to ensure that both of us smiles at least once a day. if we have to, he’ll be have pillow fights with me just to relieve my anxiety and frustrations. i’ll remember how great he is and remind him of what he can achieve in times of doubt. we’ll both look forward for the sun to rise on our bedroom window and greet each other with a good morning kiss. he’ll be my king and i’ll be his queen. together, we’ll face the challenges of the world. we’ll allow our little princes and princesses to jump on the bed or, at times, even have breakfast on bed. also, our kingdom will be guarded by the most trustworthy dog. there will be no television in our bedroom so we’ll have to read books and share them with each other. but, of course, book reading only happens after we’ve shared what happened to our day. with this goofy bed mate of mine, everyday will be a happily ever after as we bid each other a good night kiss and cuddle to a sweat dream. someday….


A list.

This is a list of things i still wanna do for the rest of my life + things i would do if only i had no fear. so, these list will probably never be completed. but, i shall try to. I will try to.
  1. Leave myself a letter in a library book then, look for it twenty years later.
  2. Master a “plucking” guitar song (no strumming).
  3. Live in a hotel suite for a week.
  4. Milk a cow. Drink the milk.
  5. Own a pet dog. (for more than a year)
  6. Shoplift. Then, return it.
  7. Dine-and-dash!
  8. Live outside my homeland for at least a year.
  9. Complete a puzzle (500-piece?)
  10. Donate blood.
  11. Give a stranger a kidney.
  12. Create a signature dish. Be known for it.
  13. Baseball: hit a homerun.
  14. Break the car window shield with a baseball bat.
  15. Shoot with a gun.
  16. Learn how to jumpstart a car.
  17. Drive a vespa!
  18. Teach (basic) English or Math in a foreign country for half a  year.
  19. Write someone else’s life story without mentioning myself.
  20. Backpack + roadtrip.
  21. Sail a sea.
  22. Play chess until I unexpectedly beat someone, then quit forever.
  23. Live at a high altitude (mountain, rooftop, penthouse).
  24. Have a week-long silent retreat.
  25. Make a movie, even a short one.
  26. Sex on the beach – the cocktail.
  27. Sex on the beach – the act.
  28. Sex in a body of water.
  29. Be a bartender.
  30. Guest in a TV show.
  31. Learn proper sign language.
  32. Compile my old blogpost, poems, photos into one book.
  33. Get married.
  34. Get a tattoo.
  35. Be a (cool soccer) mom.
  36. Change careers.
  37. Drive a car…in Manila, Philippines.
  38. Fly off to Italy/Spain/Paris without telling anyone until I get there . Stay there for 2 weeks.
  39. Bull-riding.
  40. Bungee jumping.
  41. Mountain climbing.
  42. Skydiving.
  43. Paragliding.
  44. Para-sailing.
  45. Do a flip off a diving board. Nail it!
  46. Sing (with actions) on stage, in front of a crowd.
  47. Confess my feelings to the guy I like.
  48. Burst and scream at someone I’m pissed at.
  49. Get really really really high (but not in Singapore).
  50. Have a super duper romantic al fresco dinner date (even a picnic sounds good) wherein we will slow dance to a live music under the stars.
  51. No planning. Just list random things and blog it. —-DONE! (: