Clementine von Radics Once Said

Some Things You Could Do To Heal Yourself:

Get lungs that do what they’re supposed to. Yours keep letting you down. They shrink down to nothing when you’re scared, when you need deep breaths the most. They are useless, failing organs. Replace them.

Don’t kiss the boy with no bicycle. Don’t kiss the girl with moon lips. Don’t kiss wild animals or atom bombs. Don’t kiss.

Remember metaphors are not bandages. You silly little girl, you think you’ve survived so long that survival shouldn’t hurt anymore. You keep trying to turn your body bullet proof. You keep trying to turn your heart bomb shelter. You silly thing. You are soft and alive. You bruise and heal. Cherish it. It is what you are born to do.

Remember you can leave. You can always leave. Take your baby, your backpack, get in the car and drive. Maybe to Brooklyn, to Oakland, somewhere you’ve always thought it would be romantic to call home. Come now, you promised yourself. You promised you’d live through this.

– Clementine von Radics



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