climb back up

Everyone goes through a hard time. Everyone has their dark days. Those days when you’ve seemingly lost all hope in the world. Those days when even your own shadow forsakes you. Somehow, we look into the mirror and suddenly, we don’t even recognise the person staring back at us anymore. At some point in time, you suddenly realise that you’ve reached the bottom of the slippery slope and you don’t even know how to climb back up.

And, then, we’d start wondering and mind-fucking ourselves with a gazillion of questions. How did all these happen? Who’s fault was this? Who can I blame? When did things start to turn for the worse? Why did things have to change? Couldn’t things have simply stayed the same? Couldn’t things just go back to how they were? Who am I now?

But, if you think about it, we didn’t really change. Other things are just added onto our “database.” On good days, we call them memories, experience, but, other says, they’re deemed as mistakes, failures. I guess, sometimes, perhaps, the burden gets a little too heavy and we crash onto hard asphalt ground. Or, maybe even sink into a quicksand. And, that’s it. We find it impossible to get back up.

Nevertheless, we are still here. The awesome person who (we think) used to be there is still there. And, even after everything that has happened, we still process things similarly.  It’s like a science experiment. We still have the same core values and morals.  We still handle the pieces of information in the same manner only, this time, with more information and data  from the past.

But looking at the other side of the coin, if things were able to change for the worse, perhaps, things can change for the better too. Follow the cliché, “learn from the experience.” Try to climb back up from the “hell hole.” Strive to be better again. No one kicked you there and told you to stay there. Along that climb up, I’m sure you’ll bump into a few more friends and they’ll be there to support you again-especially the true ones. You simply have to realise that you have get up, go up, and open up. Subsequently, things will soon fall (back) into place.

Yes, today, we may have woken up realising that we have changed for the worse. But, the very fact that things change can (if we give it a chance) allow us to be a better person too. My dear friend, everyone goes through dark times, but why don’t we call it “defining moments” instead?