about me.

i am just a girl who is trying to make a difference in this world. yes, one day i will. as of now, i am just exploring the world bit-by-bit. coz i believe that there are a lot of beautiful things in this world–even more than the bad, ugly ones. i believe that we must always have a sense of wonder, though we must not poke around with Pandora’s box. i believe that there’s always hope, though things do not go as we plan. i believe that we can always choose to be happy, though happiness and joy may not always choose us. i believe that friends are angels, unless they do not want to be your friend to begin with. i believe in the freedom of speech, even addressing elephants in the room, as long as you don’t hurt the people around. i believe that we must walk with our head up, with our hair down, while keeping our feet on the ground. i believe in us, that each one of us can make a difference-in our own small ways.


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