no offence. it’s my castle.

My room is my palace. In my room, I am the princess. And for a princess, her room is a sacred place. It may smell like dog, like food, like smoke but it is still her home. So, do not tell the princess that her room is too dirty, too dusty, too warm, too cold, too stuffy. You might as well have pooped on her bejeweled crown. Respect the four walls because the place is part of the person. If you have been invited, appreciate the homeliness of the castle and it’s welcoming company. If you have not been invited (although that’s highly unlikely), learn to knock on the door and offer a warm smile. Because friends are always welcomed in the castle but frowny foes are not. Everyone has his or her own castle so, if you do not like mine, you can stay in your own.



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