You too. God bless.

It was a long day of fun-filled adventures today! Little India food tripping, board games ¬†shopping, board games playing (duh?!) and bridge, and visiting the magical world of Incanto! ūüôā

However, at the end of the day, I was super exhausted that I was just begging for a chance to sit on my way home. Unfortunately,  as everyone rushes home, the train was super crowded so I had to stand. Hence, I stood in the middle of the carriage, between the rows of seats, in anticipation of someone alighting soon.

Fortunately, a few stops later, a couple in front of me alighted. However, instead of sitting down, I offered it to a 55-year old lady who was carrying a couple of bags. She sheepishly sat and continued to offer me the other seat. I said, “It’s okay. Seems like other people are more tired than me anyway.” Within a split second, other people simply took the seat.

The lady, then told me and my friend, “Next time you want to buy health supplements, come to my shop at Novena Gardens.” She fumbled around for some brochures and continued to explain to us what she sells. In the middle of a crowded train on long tiring weekday, I bet people were judging us and wondering why two young people are talking so loudly with an auntie. Nonetheless, I continued talking to her, engaging her in the conversation. I asked for her name (Ruth) and she asked me mine. I even asked whether she’s in the shop everyday so that I can bring my mom to “see-see.” It was heart-warming to see her excitedly talking about the products she sells as though it was the beginning of her day and I was her first customer. (Remember, we are still in the middle of the train at 1030pm).

Eventually, she told me, “I don’t offer this to everyone but since you have such a good heart and you let me sit, when you come and visit, I give you 15% discount, ok? Actually now got discount but if next time you come, I give you my member discount and points.” In addition, she shared to me how she like selling the health products (because she used it previously too) . She said, “now, that I’m 55 (that’s how I got her age), I want to help young people especially good-hearted ones like you to take care before it’s too late. Before your body pain here there, must take care, ok?”

Isn’t that just so touching? ¬†It didn’t take too much effort for me to offer a seat, neither did it take her too much effort to offer a discount. Yet, the act of charity was exhibited there and then, between two strangers, in the fullest sense of the word.

Then, when we finally reached my destination, I told her, “I have to go now but see you okay? You take care. (big smile)” And, she said, “You too. God bless! (even bigger smile)” <—goosebumps moment right there!!!

Then, as I walk out the train doors, a huge wave of relief and happiness filled me.

Learning from the prayer of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10), I have been asking Him to “expand my territory.” In other words, I was asking him to send me someone who needs my help every now and then so that I can spread His love and glorify His name.

And, as I walk away, I knew that was my prayer being granted. That was Him blessing me with a “territory.” And, looking back, He has been giving me someone to help (or touch their lives) in the simplest smallest ways, every single day this week.

Today, as that woman told me “God bless,” I knew that it was¬†God himself¬†¬†blessing me at that point in time. Amen. (:


Photo Credits: cleanheartsyou


When God says “No”


Photo credits: Spiritual Inspiration

Sometimes, our wants are not aligned with His wants for us. Nonetheless, we settle for the first thing we find or the most convenient solution in fear of nothing getting another chance. We’re afraid that that’s about how good things can get and that we won’t get anything more.

This fear is what holds us back. With fear comes doubt and frustration and when they creep in, evil takes root in our lives. When we’re anxious and afraid, we tend to lose sight of the big picture and cower in the dark. Many people today live with a blessing less than God’s best because they settle. They allowed fear to¬†paralyze¬†them instead of letting God’s boundless blessing, overflowing love and endless grace fill their lives.

Fortunately, God is bigger than our fear. Instead, we need to remember that He created us with a purpose. He won’t give His child just any random thing along the road. He’d make sure that a specific gift was carefully crafted and made specially for you. He’d want to make sure that it’s the best of the best and the best you can get. He’d ensure that it’s suitable for you and it’d enable you to glorify His name. When he refuses something or takes something away, it’s because He’s preparing to give you something better and new. Hence, when he says no, don’t throw a tantrum, scramble back into it and refuse letting go. He has bigger blessings planned for you. Thank Him.