How Alycia met God at the salon.

Meeting God does not have to be explicit nor grand. In fact, He is with us everyday everywhere all the time. We can meet Him anytime anywhere, even during our daily experiences, if we open your heart and mind to that wonderful possibility.

Today, I’d like to share how my friend, Alycia, met God at the salon.

All the words from here on, will be according to how Aly told the story on her facebook photo album. Enjoy! 🙂


This was inspired by our friend, Christine, who said that she offered up her seminar as a prayer.
It made me think of how I could offer my hairdressing experience as a prayer.


I, Alycia, have been thinking of doing something to my hair for a long time.
I knew the change would be good, but I never got the courage to do it.


Thankfully, I had friends who encouraged me to make the change.
Some friends said, “Go for it.”
One friend even said, “But you’re someone who will never do it.”
Though some of them had not intended to encourage me,
the things they said gave me the courage to make the change.


This is May, my hairdresser.
I’ve never seen her before.
And even though she’s the hairdresser, which means she knows her stuff,
I found it difficult to trust her.
I was scared that I would walk out of the salon with a silly-looking hairstyle.


May went on to cut my hair and added some highlights to my fringe.
She told me she would continue cutting my hair after the dye had set.
But I grew worried.
It was a work in process, and it looked terrible when incomplete.


May set the timer for the dye to set, and walked away,
giving me some time alone.
During that period, I had some silence to reflect and think.


When the timer beeped,
May returned and brought me to the sink to get my hair washed.
It felt refreshing.


After the washing, we went back to the seat,
and when she finished drying my hair, the cutting continued.
I began to see that things were looking brighter,
and it gave me hope.


When she was done, I looked in the mirror and
the change was much better than I had expected.
I never thought that I would make this change, but I did.
Happy with my new look, I quickly found my friends to show it to them and they shared my joy. 

I made this change, thanks to my friends and May.


Well, I’d have to tell you the story from the beginning again.

As I sat in the chair in the salon wondering how I could offer my hairdressing experience as a prayer,
I realised how it reflected my journey to be a better person.


I know I’m a person of many sinful ways, and I really want to be a better person.
But sometimes, there’s some inertia.
I don’t have the courage or will to make the change,
even though I know it’d be good.


Along the way, friends encourage me.
Some friends patiently urged me to continue trying, even if I fail at times.
Some may use “tough love”.
But I am encouraged, nonetheless, to make the change,
and I saw that the change would be good.


I realised that God was my hairdresser in life.
He knew better than I do about my paths, my future, which road is the best for me.
But sometimes I don’t trust Him, because it means giving up the stirring wheel in my life.
I was scared to do certain things, like giving up my pride and selfishness.


On the road to being a better person, I have to remove things in my life.
This is the most painful part for me.
For example, once, my friends told me off, and it really hurt.
But the change was incomplete.
It was difficult to see the end- how I would be a much better person,
and that my friendships with my friends would improve.


Sometimes, God gives me time to reflect, to get over the hurts and pains in my life.
He’s always nearby, like May was in the salon,
but He knew I needed time alone to give me the opportunity to grow.


During the process, I often cried.
It was part of the healing.
Even though it was painful at times, these tears helped me heal.
It was refreshing, in a way.


Over time, the hurts and pains diminished.
God would continue with the final touches, slight adjustments and tweaks to make me who He created me to be.
Things began to look hopeful, and I saw that it was good.


It takes a long time to overcome each sin,
and I’m still struggling with my sins today.
But I know, that I am a much better person than I was years ago.
I can see the change in myself, and so can my friends,
and they share my joy.

I am a new person today, because of my friends, and more importantly, because of God. (:


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