The Holy Spirit

Of the Holy Trinity, I believe that the Holy Spirit is an entity that needs more credit for His work.

I mean, He is part of the holy trinity who is always with us. He is our constant companion. He is the one who enables us to recognize God and His presence in our lives. He is the one who helps us through times of difficulties. He is the one who tries to direct us away from sins and grievous mistakes. He is the one who equips us with courage and strength.

Even when we don’t understand the Father’s power or the Son’s sacrifice, He is the one who never leaves us on our own. Even on days when we don’t see ourselves in the image of God, at least realise that the Holy Spirit is that little piece of God within us. That even in our darkest days, there is hope; we are not alone because He is with us.  He is within us. He is a part of us. We can choose not to listen to Him but His voice will always resonate in the deepest recesses of our souls. Even when we feel like heaven’s too far or the world’s too damaged, by remembering that the Holy Spirit is within everyone around us, isn’t that like a little piece of heaven on earth as well?

Well, at least He can do all that. The question is, do we allow Him to? Do we welcome Him into our daily lives? Do we let Him dwell and grow well in us?

Knowing that we have the Holy Spirit within us, having God always a part of us, how do we take care of Him? “Do you not know that you are the Temple of God, and that The Spirit of God dwells within you?”  (1 Corinthians 3:16) And, if we really value the Holy Spirit, shouldn’t we keep our body pristine and pure? We should try our best not to damage it. This goes from eating healthily, exercising, not smoking, not cursing, to not using our body as an instrument for gossiping or lustful activities. Would you want your Father to feel unwelcomed in the body of his own creation? Would you want your Father to be living in a rubbish dump filled with garbage, bad thought, and malicious acts? Instead, we should aim to make our body worthy of a place where God can reside. We should ensure that our body is always ready to accept and welcome him. We should be able to hear Him while He should be able to do His miraculous works in us.

To strengthen our relationship with God, we need to learn how to communicate and channel the Holy Spirit more. I mean, He’s already within us. How difficult can it be, right? With just a little more prayer and meditation, we can stir a stronger relationship with the Holy Spirit within us. We can ask Him and allow Him to always guide our thoughts, words, and deeds. Let Him always be is our conscience, our morale compass, our inner light.


Photo credit: All Voices


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