In a world where people pass judgments easily and we always crave to be accepted by society, it becomes easy for us to put our value on tangible things. We put our value on our material possessions, our job, our social status. However, when we quantify our value according to the grades we obtain, the jobs we secure, or the salary we earn, don’t we make it so easy for the world to take our happiness and self-worth away from us? And when we experience all these failures and rejection, we tend to blame God and think that God is not around either.

But the thing is, God values us so much more than we imagine. Imagine how hurtful it is for a father to see his daughter/son loath and lose respect for herself? On days when we feel inadequate, we are looking at ourselves through short-sighted human sight instead of God’s eyes.

Instead, we need to remember that our life is His gift to us. Gifts were never meant to be less than extraordinary. Even your supposed “weaknesses” and “inadequacies” are part of a gift from God. You may not understand it now, but those “shortcomings” are there for reason we are yet to comprehend. Not everyone may see it, but these are still His blessing indeed. No matter how strong or inadequate you think you are compared to your peers, He will never think as such. Regardless of what you or other people think, you are a precious child of God.

So today, let us pray that we can still feel God’s love in the darkness and when we feel like nothing. Pray that he’ll remind you of His love even when we’re down in the dumps and buried in dung.



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