take a risk on me.

I wish I was this girl right now. With her doggie and eating away at the back of her car. Away from all these. Away from interviews and exams and settings where I have to (explicitly) prove myself within 1-2 hours. Seriously? Why do we have to do these? I think I have a subconscious who rebels on performing well during this microscopic scrutiny. That being said, I don’t think any test or interview would show you what I am capable of. Words would simply fail to describe me. My resume or my exam results won’t show you the amount of hours I put in through the years. They won’t show you knack for learning, my willingness to help others, my passion to help other people. You have to see me in action. You have to see how I step at that time with a twinkle in my eyes. Just like when you place a bet on a horse on those horse races. You see, I am B-girl on paper. When you look at my paper qualifications, I am the girl who is NOT on the top, the girl who is NOT good enough. But, that does not mean I will never be good enough and that you should give up on me. You know what’s the good thing about being the 2nd best? The know the value of determination, passion, and perseverance. They put in the most effort, they always give their best. They don’t get complacent. They go over and beyond what they have to do in hopes of reaching the top. They may not be consistent (hence getting B) because they make mistakes sometimes, but their remarkable ideas and contributions make up for more than all those. In contrary to popular belief, B-girls don’t just stay 2nd best. They get to the top too. I know because I once did. I was not the top girl in school but I was the one who received a 4-year scholarship and I’ve now spent 8 years of my life in Singa-land. So, yes, we can reach the top. Sometimes, we just need someone to believe in us enough to give us a chance. So, take a risk on me. You’ll never know. One day, you might receive unbelievable high returns after taking me in.


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