be afraid. be very afraid.

fear the possibility that you are not able to spend time with your family and friends, to do things you want, or to complete what you had to. fear that one day they’ll be gone, away, and out of reach. fear the words “losing,” “missing,” “wasting.” fear that you’re running out of time, because only then will you be afraid that your are not living your life to the fullest.

fear that you will be forced to choose a path. choosing a path mean having to miss out on others. it will be a pity if you live your entire life and simply looking back to regret the choices you (did not) make now. fear that you may not be able to follow all possible paths because life has so much to offer and it would be a relief to know that today is not an ultimatum and you will still have another chance tomorrow.

fear that you are running out of curiosity and a sense of wonder. it might limit your open mind, confine you in a box, and prevent you from being an explorer. fear the feeling of knowing everything, it makes you proud and uninterested to the things around you. fear that you don’t look forward to tomorrow. you may not look for the meaning of life and you will be stuck in a hole. now, that would be a pity because the world is full of wonders.

fear being dull or mediocre because you are not challenging the boundaries, daring to be different, or playing with the impractical. because this means you are a creature of the commonplace, a slave of the ordinary – together with the rest. instead, be outstanding. be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision to a sometimes-confused world.

fear that you may not have been true to yourself. because, denying who you are and not showcasing it to the world simply waste the space you occupy. by not letting your personality shine, you did not leave your footprint on earth, make a difference, change the world the way you were meant to be.

fear that you may start to “not give a fuck.” that means you don’t care anymore. when that time comes, you may not look for what you want, you may not stand for what you believe in, you may not fight for what you deserve. not caring might make you feel that you have no purpose and that’s sad because you won’t realise how different the world will be without you around. the world is your oyster and yes, you should give a damn.

so, my dear friend. if you are not careful, you may forget these. so, be afraid. be very afraid.


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