how the first half of my year became legendary <3

He, friends! So, it’s officially the second half of the year and here’s how I’ve managed to make it legendary, thus far!

  1. Start the year with a BANG — with thy loving family and loadsa fireworks! 
  2. Celebrate your birthday like you didn’t get any year older.  
  3. Feel like you’re on top of the world! (at 1 Altitude)
  4. Organise events in school — go psycho with Polaroid pictures! 
  5. Do an internship — and bear Mulberry fruits.
  6. Attend fashion shows.   (Men’s Fashion Week 2012 + The R PRoject: Memento Mori)  
  7. Rub shoulders with celebrities and big-shot people.  
  8. Then, do another internship that drives the external economy.
  9. Try to have funky workmates. (They make tough work enjoyable.)
     believe it or not, these are my bosses 
  10. Make sure you work hard… but, play harder! 
  11. Never lose the bond with your sisters. 
  12. Always make time for your friends.  
  13. Especially with the ones that have always been there.
  14. Yet, always make sure to make new friends. (Strangers are friends we haven’t met, right?)
  15. Have a little Spring Awakening with a good ol’ friend.
  16. Go for a Harry Potter Exhibition.
  17. Chillax with the beach boys — Budak Pantai. (no pic of them. whoops!) 
  18. Rock your world at an Avenged Sevenfold concert at Hard Rock Hotel!!
  19.  Let yourself be serenaded by Jesus– i mean, Jason Mraz at his concert at Gardens by the Bay!! (perfect way to end the first half, huh, maine?! ❤

So. I’m apparently a glass-half-full kinda girl. I prefer highlighting the good parts instead of looking at disappointing ones. sue me. i’m well- filled with good memories anyway (:

That’s my secret on getting though with life, you see? Collecting brownie points and saving them for the rainy days.

And, guess what?! that was only the FIRST HALF! more coming up sooon ❤

So, cheers to the past as I look forward to the other things that’s about to come (:


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