today, let’s be less critical of others.

Today, let’s be less critical of others. No one wakes up in the morning planning to be crappy, lousy, useless, or irritating. No one wakes up saying, “I’m gonna be an ass today,” “I’m purposely gonna gonna submit a lousy work,” or “I don’t intend to meet the deadline today.” Just like the rest of us, they’re also simply putting one foot in front of the other, trying to get through the day. Most, if not all, of them aiming to be the best. Sadly, some of them falling short. You see, humans can’t always be flawless and the best. They are fallible too. Maybe they can do better, but perhaps, just not today.

Today, let’s be less judgmental and be more open-minded. No one wants to be the person everyone avoids, the socially awkward guy, or the girl with a clown-looking make-up. Sometimes, they don’t even know that they are wearing an ultimate fashion faux pas. The truth of the matter is they just want to be acceptable and appreciated; in the least bit, to belong.

Today, let’s be more understanding. No one plans to be a bitchy boss, a crappy teammate, or a tardy employee. Maybe, it’s all just circumstantial: Your boss’s boss giving him more crap; Some accident causing a traffic jam; Some unforeseen family emergency. The thing is, things happen, more often than not, beyond our control.

If people disappoint you today, let it go. Getting something substandard, once in a while, is inevitable but, letting it pass is within you control. Plus, it may make things a little more bearable. Everyone might be be less pushy, less moody, less bitchy. So, today, to start the week, let’s be less critical of others…and hopefully, the optimism will make us a happy bee. (:

PS: good monday morning! (:


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