it gets frustrating too

Open. Close. Open. Close.

How frustrating it is to keep opening and closing our hearts.

There are some people who disappear for months and months.

Oh. I thought you were busy.

Sorry. I was really really busy.

Aww. I knew you’d understand.

And there it goes… the unappreciated, unattended, taken-for-granted friendship.

You’ve always been there for me.

Yeah. Where were you?

Is it that hard to pick up the phone and drop a quick hello?

So, there you go moving on, mustering the courage to leave past behind and move onto the future.

Great memories turn into good memories to be archived away; cut off.

Then, one fine day, our dear friend strolls back in.


Hey, you free?


Are they trying to test your limit?

How long you can wait?

How important the friendship is?

How big your heart is?

Usually, I end up opening up again of course.

Usually, I pray that my heart (and patience) is big enough.

But sometimes I wish my heart isn’t so big.

Or, at least not that easy to trust and forgive anymore.

Open. Close. Close. Close.

A friendship no longer as close.

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2 thoughts on “it gets frustrating too

  1. This is a nice post. I’m going through the same thing. Though I’m sure I want to let them back in but deep inside I admit it wouldn’t be a wise decision. 🙂

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