Be humble. No matter what you’ve already done, bring yourself not up on a pedestal. Swallow your pride and be humble.  Inexperienced or an expert, there’s always something for you to learn; young or old, other people will always have something to impart and share. Don’t look down on others ( as you don’t look down on yourself). Everyone has experienced numerous things in their life – some were a breeze, while some were seemingly insurmountable. Don’t look up on others too much that you “kiss their ass.” Just because they have accomplished something doesn’t mean they are better than you, it simply means you can achieve the same accomplishments too. It is better to be humble and allow people to praise you up than to give glory to yourself and only let others think you are a snob. Don’t fill your head with too much pride and allow it to be bigger than necessary. Being humble, accepting you still have things to learn, allows people to perceive that you are willing and interested to learn. And things that other people can teach you–oh, they can be so abundant and invaluable.  Don’t let your ego inflate, last I heard, inflations have a terrible tendency of having a bubble burst. you may already have a lot but what you have is still not that much. So, whatever it is, be humble.


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