smiling to perfection.

girls are always concerned of their weight, their outfit, their body shape. yet, sometimes, even the prettiest lady in the most expensive and exquisite clothes are still not beautiful. sadly, more often than not, what’s missing is just a simple smile – the most important accessory of all. a smile that says you have hope that tomorrow will be better than today. a smile which shows you find beauty in small things, even the annoying ones that cause people dismay. that smile you have after selflessly helping a stranger in a busy street. the smile you have after wrapping a just-thought-of-you gift. a smile that shows your joy. a smile that shows you’re capable of love. a smile which can brighten up other people’s day. a smile that stays on your face come what may.

then, that’s all. you can wipe off that mascara, that thick layer of make-up, and the frown on your face. and you’re all set to catch the eyes of the cutie in town.

because, beauty… is not just skin deep.


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