Today, we thank God for the bad things.

Today, let’s thank God for the mountain-like pile of things we need to complete. It shows that have things to do. It shows that each of us have a purpose and a reason to wake up and trudge through everyday.  Thank God for the monthly bills we have to pay,  it means we have access to the various necessities (and maybe even luxury) that has become part and parcel our daily routine. Let’s thank God for the electronic devices that continuously whirls, moves, and flashes. Thank God for the annoying alarm clock that wakes us up to every new morning. Thank God for the gazillion emails and phone calls and text messages we receive. It shows that there’s a whole world out there who needs us to keep it’s wheels turning. It shows that people are interconnected and that we are part of this whole tangled up web of nonsense. Thank God for the barking dogs, the purring cats, and even the horse manure along the street. Thank God for the dried leaves we have to rake and the snow we have to shovel. They imply that all of us co-exist and that we are a part of a mutually benefitting ecosystem. Thank God that we have to take a train, a ship, or a plane to get elsewhere. It illustrates that the world is THAT big and there’s space to fit all of us. Thank God even for having to make difficult decisions. It means you have the right to choose things that effect your life. No matter how irritating, thank God when you hear people complain. Thank God for the peculiar hairstyles and fashion statements you see along the street. Not only are people able to think for themselves, it also means we have the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression.  Thank God for feeling too warm or  too cold,  it shows that  you are capable of feeling. Thank God even when you feel angry or jealous, it shows that you’re capable of having emotions. Thank God for the challenges because it helps become stronger. Thank God for going through changes, it also means that things can change for the better. Thank God because there’s a silver lining even in the darkest clouds.


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