Don’t let anyone diminish what you’ve done.

Yes, it’s good to ask for advice. It’s always a good feeling to hear compliments and get pats on the back. It’s good to be validated and be praised for something we’ve done. Although we don’t like being judged, it’s normal to enjoy getting appraisals. It’s alright.

It’s good to get commendations but, my dear friend, never ever let anyone or anything diminish the value of things you have done.  They do not understand where you’ve been and where you’re trying to get to. Don’t let someone make you feel inadequate througha job application,  a competition, or a mere interview. They do not fully comprehend the person you are and the things you are capable of. After all, how can anyone judge you through a piece of paper, a timed setting, or an hour of interaction. The past 20 plus years of your life amounts to more than just that. Don’t let anyone under value your project. They don’t know how many proposals you’re written, how many batches of muffins you’ve burnt, how many practice papers you’ve tried. Neither do they know that you’ve learned how to sieve through a database, use Photoshop, edit a video before you came up with that. They don’t even know how much thought you’ve put in when choosing the perfect flavour and colour, the time you’ve set to meet and liaise with various people, or the number of companies you’ve called to canvass for the most suitable place.  Don’t let a company’s (un)employment decision valuate what you’ve done. They do not understand the long-nights and obstacles you’ve faced before you were able to write each qualification statement on your CV and resume.  Similar to a play, the show doesn’t merely unfold on stage but back stage as well. No one knows that you were also busy with exams, that you were helping a friend through a difficult time, or that you (or maybe your family) were having a rough time. Don’t let your parents tell you your choice of career isn’t good enough. They’re not the one who will be going through the suffering or the satisfaction of the daily mundane jobs.  Don’t even let yourself look down on the person you were, that was the lower version of yourself and you are now an upgraded one.

What you’ve done is what you’ve done. It was your  time and effort that was invested to make things happen. You’ve thought through it and, whatever your decision was, it’s most probably the best thing you could have done at that point in time. Regardless of how people judge it, your activities in the past made you who you are now. Letting anyone diminish the value of what you’ve done is allowing them to undervalue the person you are now, as well.  But, you and I know that there’s more to the story than what meets the eye.


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