the person you ought to be

In  class, in the workplace, along the corridor, along the street, in the magazines, on tv. They are always there. Here, there, and everywhere. There always seems to be someone better than us. Someone taller, prettier, smarter, friendlier, more artistic, more musically-inclined, more successful, or even more loved. And, in our dire desire to belong and be accepted, we try to be like them-like other people, like someone else.

But we fail to realise that each and everyone of us has something special within. God didn’t put 6,840,507,003 people in the world for no reason. Everyone is there with a purpose. Every single individual is there to make the world that much better. We do not have to fit a certain ideal or image in order to be accepted. We belong in this world. There’s a place for us here, whoever we are  and whatever we do. We have the right to be here and we have the duty to show people what we’ve got. In fact, every time we try to be someone else, we diminish the person we could have been-the person we ought to be.

So, if all you’re hearing is whispers of “you’re not good enough,” “you do not belong here,” you do not deserve this,” get away from all these and find a quiet place. Search for yourself deep inside your soul. Look for the person you are-the person you ought to be. Find that “fuse box” and switch it on. There’s a light in each and everyone one us and you’re not justifying your presence if you don’t allow yourself to brighten this gray-tinted judgement-laden world.


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