Solidarity is a very profound human feeling. Only humans realise and feel that they are alone. After a long day of being surrounded with friends, course mates, colleagues, workmates, suddenly, it hits us. Suddenly, we realise that we are alone and lonely inside. Silence knocks on the door. Sadness creeps in while Emptiness tags along to enjoy the “party” inside. Zebra’s come in herds; birds fly in flocks; fishes swim in schools. Always in groups. But, men, at the end of the day, they lie on their bed alone, stare up the ceiling, talk to the shadow on their walls. because, although, no man is an island, we are still subjected to be. Not everyone has a hand to hold, not every phone works two ways. Society, it seems, is simply made of slobs of land put together but, through and through, every man IS still just an island clinging, leaning, depending on the foothold of another land.


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