green-eyed monster with a lime light.

It took me a while before I came into terms with this. Always being with my guy friends and listening to them banter about their girlfriends, it kinda stirs my feelings inside… Sometimes I know where they’re coming from; sometimes it amazes me how men might really have come from mars. It’s very interesting at times but there are times when It’s just plain annoying too. “i don’t always enjoy watching you leave so you can be with her.  I don’t always enjoy telling you all the interesting things (ie, food, places, ideas, events) to try out just so you can bring her. I don’t always enjoy being little-miss-google to help you figure out something for her. I don’t always enjoy listening to your problems about her when YOU chose HER.”

I guess I’m just jealous inside. not because I want to be their girlfriend. but because I want to be treated like how they treat their girlfriends too. I want someone who will come down to take care of me my house when I am sick. I want someone to force me to eat veggies or exercise or go to the doctor to stay healthy (and grow old together). I want someone who’ll spend time with me (even just in silence) no matter how hectic the day has been. I want someone to have joyrides with. (Singing out of tune while driving along the expressway is the way!) I want someone who will drive me home after a long tiring day. I want someone who will treat me to ice cream when I am pms-ing. I want someone who’ll hug and kiss me to make me feel better. I want someone who’ll honestly tell me when I’m doing something wrong or how I can improve myself. I want someone who will argue with me for hours to get an issue resolved (girls, when they’re still fighting, kinda shows they’re still caring). I want someone I can text my most random thoughts to. I want whom I have a right to call, disturb, or demand from. I want someone who’ll give me a “good morning” to wake up to. I want to have someone whom I can pour my love and care unto. I want someone whom I can randomly text “wuvyou” or give cute post-it notes too. I want someone who’ll appreciate these; who’ll appreciate me. I want to spend my time thinking of how to make that someone happy. I want someone I can drag to try new food, experience, or random things with. I want a bestfriend, confidante, a partner-in-crime.

Yes, sometimes, it irks me to listen to another girlfriend issue. It’s repetitive, pointless and never-ending. Yet, despite the green-eyed monster in me, somehow, listening to my guy friends give me hope. Looking at it in a different light, how well my guy friends treat their girls show that there’s still hope in mankind. Listening to them “complain” about girls prove that guys DO genuinely care-in a weird sorta way. (Btw, I think guy’s complaining is girl’s version of bitching. We don’t mean it that way but it’s just how we do it.) It proves that they have a heart too and not just a dick. And, it gives me hope that the guy I’m waiting for will be worth it. (:


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