unseen beauty.

Sometimes, some people are soooo engrossed with making themselves look skinny, pretty, and sexy. Hours and hours are spent in salons and gyms, hundred of dollars are spent on cosmetic products and surgery. But do these people understand that beauty is not just skin-deep. it’s what flows in the veins and pumps in the heart. It’s the thoughts you have and the actions you do. You can be skinny with all the right curves. You can have long eyelashes, tantalizing eyes, voluptuousness boobs, plump lips and the perfect accent or the best fashion sense. But, if you have an evil heart with thoughts of vengeance, jealousy, and selfishness, who do you think you are? People can see these things. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And, if they can’t, they are just as superficial and ugly and hence, they also have no right to judge. Yes, any person can be pretty or pleasant-looking. But, being “beautiful,” that’s something extraordinary. Because “beauty” touches other people’s hearts just like how God touched ours when he created the world for us. So, if you want to be beautiful, work on what’s inside rather than what’s outside. Because, softwares are more important than hardwares. And, eventually, what’s inside will emit itself to the outside and the world will appreciate your beauty that only real hearts can feel.


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