how to have a legen––dary summer.

  • have an indonesian getaway 
  • nope, thou shall not take the plane 
  • travel to a food paradise with your homies
  • or visit a famous local food spot 
  • fly a rainbow-coloured kite 
  • blow some bubble balloons
  • make some music 
  • and be out of this world… 
  • watch a lunar eclipse 
  • make something artsy
  •  then, give it to a friend 
  • celebrate a birthday 
  • make new friends 
  • meet long-lost ones 
  • and sing your hearts out with them 
  • or go wacky with have liquor ice creams 
  • have friends over 
  • play monopoly deal 
  • or, even scrabble… 
  • build a bear 
  • and act childish with them    (clairbear and knutty bear)
  • go fishing 
  • or play with the animals themselves  
  • camwhore with your besties   
  • or even with your daddy 
  • make heart-made burgers with friends (it’s filled with love!)
  • be cheap. stay at home and cook a “priceless” meal 
  • so, u can afford to try new food on other days  
  • and satisfy thy cravingssss…. 
  • believe me, people always “need” to eat   
  • watch movies–loads of them    
  • or better yet, have a movie marathon 
  • miss your cousins…. 
  • organise a gathering, instead 
  • have a (minor) operation and have part of you taken out 
  • meet your coursemates 
  • go for an economic conference 
  • even just as a “student helper”
  • coz you may get a free buffet meal! (lol)
  • or better yet, go for a concert  
  • …by asking early-leavers for their wristbands. hahaha 😀
  • have a back to school bash!
  • with a few drinks… 
  • some fireworks 🙂
  • and when it all comes to an end, blog about it.. after all, you did have a BLAST! 🙂
  • thanks, summer of 2011. you will never be forgotten ❤

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