What Would Jesus Do

If Jesus walks among us today, how do u think he will be–as just another person going about his life?

He would not be judgemental.

Seriously. He was born in a manger. His father was a carpenter. His mother got pregnant without having sex. His “girlfriend” was a prostitute. He was in nowhere near the “mainstream” societal norms. Knowing this, he would have understood that he had no right to judge others. So, if you want to be like Jesus, please… judge people-not.

He would make the most of his life.

Since Jesus was only sent down by His father from heaven, he knew that he would have to go back up there again sooner or later. As such, i think he would have treasured whatever earthly days he had. And, he would treasure each and every day if he is still with us now. Yes, I’m sure he’d still go to work–he’s supposedly a shepherd and a carpenter’s son after all. But, I bet he’ll climb every mountain, travel to every country, learn about different cultures and languages, read books of all disciplines, talk to random strangers, and make a few stupid mistakes too. Yeah. He’ll act like a good-willed man with cancer. hehe:)

He would neither be bitchy nor conniving.

For goodness sakes! His own best friends betrayed him! Yeah, this man knew all about politics all right. Yet, he didn’t get corrupted by it. He did not bribe anyone nor make convoluted conniving plans to win a cause. He was cool and chill about everything. He knew humans had such weakness so he was graceful and merciful about it. He did not come back with plans of revenge after being resurrected. Neither, did he go around saying, “I told you so.” And, even if he was still on earth now, i think he’d be pretty laid-back and chill about everything. I guess he knows that whatever it is, there’s always some out there who’s worse off. After all, he is the blessed son of God.

He would be hardworking.

Now that i think of it, being a son of a carpenter makes you a really good man, huh? Seems like Joseph did a really great job on bringing Jesus up. Jesus was always genuine and hardworking. Despite being assigned with such a difficult task, he did all he can to do it. He carried a cross for miles and miles! He was even nailed onto it for the “salvation” of people who he just couldn’t stop committing sins. Can you imagine how difficult it was to ask stubborn people (yes, us) to listen to the message he needed to convey? Can you imagine how tiring it must have been to travel all over the place while on hiding? And, take note that Jesus worked for love and not for any money. Which employer wouldn’t want to have such dedicated hardworking labourer?

He would be loving and forgiving.

Perhaps, it comes with the job description… or maybe it didn’t. But the fact is, he was always loving and forgiving. He helped people he didn’t know. He taught men how to fish instead of giving them the fish because he knew the former method will sustain them longer. He protected people who are being outcast. He forgave people who betrayed him. He even got nailed onto the cross for the “salvation” of people who just couldn’t stop committing sins-then and now. He was so full of selfless love that if he were with us now, I bet he’ll be one of those people who’ll be standing along the road with a sign that says, “free hugs.” Come on, people. The son of God will always be overflowing with love, yo!

He would be humble.

Even though he probably has what it takes to be a hollywood star, a president, or a super hero, I bet he’d rather stay as a simple boy leading a simple life in a simple quiet town. After all, he didn’t have “Son of God” tattooed on his forehead in his teenage years despite knowing that it IS true. He didn’t boast. He didn’t brag. He didn’t even ask to be popular. Despite knowing that he was the son of God, I’m quite sure he never said, “don’t you know who i am?!” in the middle of a fight. This may probably because he was brought up by a carpenter or maybe because God put that into his genes. Nevertheless, if you’re wondering what would Jesus do, he will be a humble man through and through.

He wouldn’t care.

Back then, Jesus didn’t care about what the haters or the critics would say. He didn’t care about what anyone said. He just did whatever he thinks he needs to do. He had a purpose and he had a plan. Whatever he did was a step towards his destination at the end of the day. He did things with a purpose and he didn’t let any thing stop him or pull him down. He saw the big picture. and, He didn’t care. So, maybe you should stop asking “what would Jesus do” but instead, ask yourself, what are YOU supposed to do.

So, if you’re telling me you want to be more like God, and you’re asking yourself “What would Jesus Do,” perhaps these are some things you want to keep in mind.

*please note that these are just my random musings.  And i do not intend to offend anyone.*


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