A post-father’s day greeting for my dad.

no matter how far we are physically. i will always love my dear daddy. he may not be the best but i know he always does his best for me. i can only imagine how worried he was when i suddenly had to go for operation; he was asking me how i feel every single day. and, i do feel bad whenever i ask him for stuff. i hope he doesn’t feel like that’s the only role he play in my life-because it’s not. i look up to the way he handles things, considers things ten things ahead in terms of consequences, and manages things for a handful of people in a handful of perspectives. if only my love for him was something tangible-something i can put in a box and seal with a kiss, maybe then, he can truly feel loved and cared for and less alone. oh. one day, i will make him proud. and i’ll give him (and my mummy) a good relaxing life. one day…….



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