mid-summer night’s dream


i dreamt of a summer of rest and freedom.

unrestricted by burdening commitments

unanchored by things to be kept the past

unthreatened by the things to come in the future.



i dreamt of a summer with warm sunshine-y days.

bright days with flipflops, tanktops, shades, and shorts

maybe some sensible excuse for cold creamy  ice creams

or a bit more than many heart-warming free huggies.



i dreamt of a summer with Mr. Sun

topless men in Bermudas jogging

bikini beach babes sun-tanning

tropical mix of cocktails melting.



i dreamt of a free-spirited summer

birds dancing with the cool blowing breeze

radios playing happy feel-good tunes

days sprinkled with spontaneous house visits.



i dreamt of an anything-goes-summer.

movie screenings

heart-filled cookings

late-night binging

guilt-triggered running

nail painting

out-of-tune singing

endless laughing

numerous picture-taking

random texting

senseless ramblings

uninterrupted daydreamings

busy doing “nothing”s



i dreamt of a summer with family, friends, and fun.

then, i woke up to realise it was more than just a dream.


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