staying connected-not.

Hand phones, smartphones, computers, social networking sites. All of these are supposed to help us connect with other people, stay online, interconnected, and on par with the rest of the world. It’s meant to help you keep in touch with your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

But, looking on the other side of the coin.. Isn’t each one of these means also a way of someone not talking to you? Of avoiding someone? Of rejecting a person?

I mean, there’s emails, texting/calling, Facebook, twitter, messengers, Skype. these and many more can link one person to another in one click/button/touch–i’m not even talking about snail mails which takes days in contrast to seconds.. even, iPhone has numerous apps (viber, facetime, whatsapp, heywire) to help people stay in touch regardless of the time difference and the geographical distance. yet, there still are people in our lives who simply drift away… who stay in silence after years and years. who don’t pick up the conversation where it was last left off… people who just can’t be  bothered to check up on you or say a simple “hi” keep in touch. any one could have picked up a phone or poked the other on Facebook to re-establish the connection.

I guess, some of us have tried to do so- in one way or another. But, metaphorically speaking, “telephones” DO work two ways. And, i guess, when the other person does not reciprocate, that’s most probably one way of saying, “it’s over.”

For one, i am just here. I give friendships the “pokes” it deserves. Similarly, if you want to reach me, there’s a hundred and one ways to do so. You can even google me. It’s not like I am hiding. But, now, (for certain people), I am done trying.

On a sidenote, I’m lovin’ my new blackberry bold baby ❤


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