Attitudes Creative People Usually Have:

becoming a genius may require some knowledge, talent or a certain level of expertise. but that’s not all. your attitude and personality counts too.

Independent ~ Creative people have the confidence to strike out on their own. They have the ability to resist social pressures to conform to conventional ways of thinking.

Intense interest in a problem ~ They are always tinkering about problems that fascinate them. Creative people’s attention are consumed by the subject matter they are interested in.

Willingness to restructure the problem ~ They are not satisfied with simply grappling the problems, they explore the way a question is presented and readily change and redefine it.

Preference for complexities ~ Creative people tend to be attracted to the most mind-boggling, difficult, complex problem in their field. They revel in the challenge of looking for simplicity in complexity

A need for stimulating interaction ~ They always crave for intellectual stimulation. They usually find a mentor whom they will eventually surpass as they move on the next level and search for additional stimulation.


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