living with no regrets.

Do you ever wonder…. When did everything change? How long does it take for everything to change? One second, 60 Seconds, 60minutes, 24hours?…. What if we want to go back and change things… Do you think we can ever isolate just one point in our lives to go back to? or, is everything a domino effect of one another and there is no simple one moment we can go back to?

Actually, maybe my mistake is thinking that there is even a “going back.” If there is not going back, then there is no point in even thinking of when to go back to. Even if things changed in that first kiss or numerous dates after that; in that first puff of cigarette or the sticks after that; in that first hurtful word or the series of arguments after that, we can never go back to the past and change what decisions we have already made. The only thing we have is the “now” and, i guess, the will and the heart to change things.

So, perhaps it may be good to pause for a while – once in a while. Have your time alone. Think of how your small brisk-walking steps are shaping your big journey in life. Because one day you may wake up and realise that you are way off course. And, sometimes, losing our way maybe one of the toughest unfortunate thing.

But, truth be told, in life, changes are inevitable; even plans change. But, that’s not just it. the worst thing is running around too fast that we forget the reason for our journey or even worse, ourselves. And when you realise that you are loosing yourself, you either find the person you used to be or lose it completely. Because, sometimes, we have to look at the person we have been and remember the person we were meant to be. Yes, once the destination is reached, we will not be the same person anymore. We would have opened our eyes,  learned, and changed. We would have lost some or gained some. But the question is, when you look into the mirror…. Is this the person you want to be?


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