family camping trips

next time, when I have my family, I’d bring them out for family camping trips.  yes, in a wild/jungle-kind of place. hopefully, there’s a lake of some sort so that my kids can row a boat too. then, they can row till the middle of the lake and learn to listen to the quietness and calmness of water. even better if there’s an open field for us to fly a kite and let my kids realise how high up they can soar. I’d let my son play with bugs or my daughter play with flowers. I’d let my husband talk non-stop about disgusting things he used to do as a boy. I’d let them climb up trees or run around until their legs can run no more. I want them to see things they don’t usually see in a daily urban life. i want them to breathe in the beauty of nature and appreciate the other 5 days God put in to make all these. (haha. I’ll make them read that part of the bible prior to the trip). I’ll ask them to go fishing–to teach them about patience–even if they don’t catch a fish in the end. we’ll awe at the beauty of butterflies in the day and the magic of fireflies at dusk. We’ll set picnic mats and share our sandwiches with the ants. we’ll roast marshmallows, share stories, and count the stars.  we’ll sleep in tents with the sound of frogs and crickets as my kid’s lullabies.

yes, I know it’s much more work and it’s much more stressful. it would have been easier to bring the kids to the mall or watch a movie. plus, imagine the logistics, the risk of bears, worms, anaconda (haha), the amount of insecticides and sunblock to slather on ourselves. but, I’m sure we’ll laugh a lot, eat a lot, enjoy a lot. and, at the end of the day, though far from perfect, I’m sure it will be worth it because this are good memories we will be making with my (future) family.


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