Benefits of Runnning

  1. Faster than the Fats.

    Most people run to lose weight or maintain their current one. Isn’t it better to eat a chocolate-y cake and run it off later than say “no” to all those yummy mouth-watering goodies? Not to mention how unhealthy and unbalanced some dieting are said to be. Plus, running is one of the best cheapest and easiest way to lose weight. So, dust-up your running shoes and go for a jog.

  2. Stronger than the Stress. 

    When we get too stressed from school/work, a good jog can give us a breath of fresh air – literally and metaphorically. It gives you a mental break and helps you have a change of surrounding. And, after a good shower, I’m sure your adrenaline will be all pumped up to fuel your brain cells again.

  3. Healthier you. 

    Running is believed to prevent a whole litany of diseases as it strengthens heart muscles and improves blood pressure. It, apparently, helps in preventing heart attacks, stroke, cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Also, it is said to prevent osteoporosis too since it prevents bone and muscle loss. So, if you wanna live a little bit longer, why don’t you run a little bit further?

  4. Younger you. 

    When you see runners around you, they seem to have rosier cheeks, a healthier glow, toner body, and (sometimes) a really good tan. Running is said to promote the human growth hormone. Yes, those funny things that celebrities inject to themselves to keep looking young. But, why pay when you can do it the healthier (and cheaper ) way?!

  5. Cultivating confidence. 

    Don’t you feel the air blowing through your hair as you run? Apparently, running gives and individual a sense of empowerment and freedom. Stride after stride is like conquering a battle after every battle. So, like other sport activities, it helps in building confidence and self-esteem as we feel more strong and capable. And, imagine after you lose all those “excess baggage,” oh what an incredible self-image you will have of yourself.

  6. Happy Feat. 

    Well, whether or not your feet will be happy on the shoes you’ve got on. But, I am quite sure that running (with a good pair of shoes) can be a happy feat. After gathering much strength and courage to run that creamy chocolate-y cake off, I am sure that anyone will feel accomplished, indeed. Running is even said to create a release of endorphins that can cause euphoria (also called “a runner’s high”) or just a general sense of happiness. In fact, it is being used to treat clinical depression and various kinds of addictions.

  7. Train the brain.

    Do you ever hear that little voice in your head telling you, “I’m tired. Let’s stop on the next lap.” Well, it happens to most people! And, evidently, running does train our mental strength. After a while, we learn to focus our brain on the run and overcome those discouraging whispers in our head. And, eventually, this new sense of mental strength and determination we get help us in overcoming other challenges in our lives too 🙂

    Ooooooh. I’m not even gonna start on the wonders of running with a dog. 🙂


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