not SOME but MORE Summer!

despite the fact that I’ve already gone overseas, flown a kite, watched shows, started on summer school, and lazed like a pig at home, i don’t think i have officially welcomed the summer of 2011 yet.

so here’s to 2 months of fun and excitement. I’m looking forward to the days under the Sun where my friends and i complain about the heat. and, being in Singapore, I’m sure  there’ll be oases of drizzle here and there to relieve us from the sweltering heat. i can just imagine loads photos of us in shorts, colorful tank tops, and (perhaps?) sun dresses! ooh. i’m looking forward to licking ice cream cones and drinking ice blended thirst quenchers (slurpees, frappuccinos, fruit juices, anyone?). i’m looking forward to picnics, beach days, cook outs, and jamming sessions. I’m excited just thinking that i can read non-academic books and watch the shows non-stop. or the fact that i can waste soooooo much time staying in bed, daydreaming at Changgi airport, staring out at the east coast park horizon, taking looong bus/car rides, and talking nonsense with our friends. oooh. and imagine those spontaneous unplanned days that will simply bring some surprisingly unforgettable memories to us?

oooh. this summer is gonna be my best summer ever!!! 😀


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