MRT musings.

I have been taking the public transportation, especially MRT’s, a lot lately. Henceforth, I, inevitably, observe my co-commuters.  It’s really amazing because a train is the only place where the most diverse and dynamic culture can be observed. People stream in and out in every stop and change every 2 minutes. And, everyone takes it: every race, nationality, family background, salary level, social status, fashion sense. You have  The-My-Sh*tty-Music-Is-Really-Loud-Kids, The-I’m-Lost-Reading-My-Book-People, the I-Know-I’m-Hot-and-You’re-Staring-Girl/Guy, The-We-Can’t-Get-Our-Hands-Off-Each-Other-Canoodling-Couple, the bunch of students loudly talking about their school, the aunties who do not want to stand a bit further away from the door, the young adults pretending to sleep on the disabled/elderly seat, the medication-smelling uncles with their Chinese gossip newspaper, the employees wearing the monogrammed logo of some F&B place we patronize, the “foreign talent” making overseas phone calls in their mother tongue, the CBD-employees in their sleek-looking attire, holding smartphones and laptops, and not to mention The-I-can-Sleep-While-Standing-People. It’s seriously amazing! It’s like holding the whole country at the palm of your hand.  And, every time I look at these people, i wonder, what’s the story of their lives; the story behind their train ride.

Another really really amazing thing is the number of people holding Apple products in the train, especially iPhones. There’s so MUCH (note the use of “much”-for uncountables instead of “many”-countables) of them that I wonder if LKY is secretly SteveJobs too, if Singapore is the iPhone or SteveJobs capital of the world, and if we will soon be called, “The Apple City” mimicking New York’s “The Big Apple”–after all, our country offers a lot of “Jobs” for immigrants doesn’t it? haha! and we are also a city that never sleeps. 🙂

But the interesting thing is that, in Singapore, you can tell where most people get their stuff from: Aside from the aforementioned point that everyone’s phone/mp3 is from Apple, most secondary school kids wear FBT shorts, most JC kids wear Converse shoes, most students carry Crumpler bags, most girls get their clothes from Cotton On or Forever21, most working adults wear G2000 attire, and most aunties carry some free canvass shoulder bag. It’s like everyone knows the unspoken uniform rule! hahaha:)

disclaimer: i do not mean to insult anyone, these are mere observations/musings of a train commuter 🙂


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