mindf*cking cognitive dissonance.

one of the weirdest and coolest thing about me.

when something is bothering me (about myself,) I step out of my box. then, I analyze myself from a (supposedly) third-person persective. I fiddle and try to untangle or unwind the screwed up wirings in my brain–as though i’m an expert engine mechanic. sometimes, I explain to myself why I am acting like that. sometimes, I rationalize my emotions and my actions. sometimes, I come up with something positive to tell myself OR an ultimate plan to change myself.

today, I did all of that.
and now, i just have three things to tell myself:
1) I honestly hate it when you’re emo nemo.
2) I’m proud that you found an endpoint (for now.)
3) You’re retarded! SERIOUSLY.

PS: did you even know that you’re talking to yourself? lol.



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