fairytale wish.

all of us dream of that guy—our prince charming. the one who would sweep us off our feet. the one who would give us a foot-popping kiss. the one who would make us believe in innocent love again, just like the ones we watched on Disney as a kid. all of us dream of the guy who will save is from our tower of doom. our personal knight in shining armour who will save us from our biggest fears–sometimes even from ourselves. after all, we are all “damsels in distress” if we still believe in fairy tales amidst living in reality, aren’t we? we still dream of that person, our “soulmate,” who would let us into their world, be part of their world, accept us for who we are, and make us feel like we were supposed to be together all these while. fate. destiny. serendipity. star-crossed lovers. the one who would complete the puzzle. the one who would put lyrics into the melody of a song. the one who would put the meaning in the word “Love.”

yes, all of us dream of a fairy tale. all of us wants to be a princess. i mean, what’s so difficult about that? sometimes, i wonder, is that too much to wish for?  i’m not even asking for a perfect prince. just a simple guy who will be treat me as a princess,

after all, when a guy can treat a girl like a princess, it shows that he’s been brought up by a “queen” hence, making him a prince (just-in-disguise.)

so, to my dear prince,

firstly, don’t worry. you dont have to be so charming.

secondly, where are you? do you need a compass or a watch? perhaps you can borrow from someone.

because, here i am, i’m a princess in waiting…

PS: i bet there’s like a gazillion “princes”/”fairy tale” blogposts, thanks to the royalwedding.


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