to my fweaks with wuv.

dear fweaks,

firstly, to the sick girl, please drink more water and take care of yourself. even when we do not see you, we are worried of you and now that we are soooo far away, it is even worse because we can’t even take care of you. and mummy here is thinking, what happens when you’re all sick like this when you’re all the way in canada… 😦

secondly, to the girl who can’t stop watching election videos, please please please try to focus. your books miss you. touch your itouch-not. (haha!) and, shall i remind you that you can’t even vote but you have to sit in the middle of the freezing examination hall. if only we can vote off professors….. anyway. plus, your dividends are with you already. study and you can happily spend their money after exams. hahahaha:)

thirdly, to my dear bimbo, i know you have been saving up aaaaaall your brain energy for the next 2 weeks (yes, it’s exactly 14days). so, please use it as much as you can. don’t use it on playing bejewelled or thinking of what to eat for the next meal. use it like how you’ll finally use the coins in the piggy bank that you can finally crack open. use it wisely 🙂

and to that person who isn’t even sitting for exam. have fun in perth. do not miss us too much. we will just be in the exam halls all the while. nothing will change-except…. the bimbo will have a fuller brain and i will have a fuller tummy from all these suppers. heh:)

i dont even know why im writing this when i’ll most probably see you guys tmr. hahahaha:) oh. i remember. i was gonna say jia you and pretty soon we can be like the cute freakzoids on the photo above. lazing and pigging around someone’s house. cute right? cute right? okay, jia you, fweaks!!!

LOL: Lots Of Love, me… ❤

PS: shingzzzz!


One thought on “to my fweaks with wuv.

  1. i’m the pink one!!!!! 😀 yeah my mummy at home is worried abt the same thing also! dont worry i’m just allergic to school and studying. mehh. hang in there too dear! like you said, 14 more days and after that we can pig out (pun intended hehe) 🙂 alrighty, see you soon alrights! hopefully tmr! <33333

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