glad to have someone smile

how appropriate is thisduring exams period when everyone is out there to win. and, here i am, sitting, thinking, how glad i am to have these friends around me who value friendship more than grades, who support each other as if we one big family. and, if there’s thing i do not regret in my university life, it’s the friendships i’ve made –and the friends i’m still keeping.

 If nobody smiled and nobody cheered
And nobody helped us along;
If each, every minute, looked after himself
And the good things all went to the strong;
If nobody cared just a little for you
And nobody thought about me;
And we stood all alone in the Battle of Life
What a dreary old world it would be;
Life is sweet just because of the friends we have made
And the things in common we share;
We want to live on, not because of ourselves
But because of the people who care;
It’s giving and doing for somebody else
On that all life’s splendour depends;
And the joy of the world, when it’s all added up
Is found in the making of friends
– Lade Thomas Conlee

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