Date a pisces girl.

It will not be difficult for you to spot a Pisces girl in a crowd. She will be the one beaming with a huge smile and talking to a huge crowd. It will not be difficult for you to strike a conversation with her either. You won’t even need to come up with a pick up line. Since a Pisces girl tends to be a social butterfly, she can easily talk to anyone. And once you have started talking to her, it will be very difficult to stop. She never runs out of things to talk about. She appreciates every single thing in life that she will tell you things about the world you have never even noticed. And even after talking to her for hours, months, and years, she will always have something up her sleeve that she would never ceasing to amaze you.

You won’t have to worry on where to bring a Pisces girl for a date. She is always ready to try out something new and interesting plus, she can easily blend in anywhere. All that matters to her is being with you and having fun. You also won’t need to shower a Pisces girl with extravagant gifts. She ignores brand names and prefers gifts with meanings. She won’t even want you to explicitly say “I love you” all the time. Because, for her, just the sincerity of small caring actions, random thoughts on post-it notes, and the fact that you try to spend time with her will already show how much you care. In fact, don’t be surprised when SHE showers you with these things. Because, emotions drive her creativity skills and that is how SHE shows she cares. She’s a giver; not a taker. But, she does love feeling appreciated (and not being taken for granted.)

However, do not be worried when you feel that she is not opening up to you as much at first. Pisces girls take time to trust and put their cards down. But, when she does, you will know that it is true and real and that it really comes from the heart. Nevertheless, open up to her. She won’t ever judge. She is simply the type of girl who will listen to your whole life story just to try to understand where you are coming from. But, please do not play mind games with a Pisces girl. Her logical and emotional sides will think through it a lot. And if she’s wrong, she will just get hurt. When, in fact, she will always accept you by just being who you are. She’s the type of girl who will hold your hand in public even when you are covered in mud because she will respect you for who you are-including your deep dark secrets and imperfections. She will, most probably, even help you carry your emotional baggage.

The beauty about being with a Pisces girl is that she will also be your best friend. Eventually, you won’t even have to say anything to her. Because, one look at you and she’ll know how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. She’s the one who’ll know if something is wrong even if you walk into the room with a huge smile on your face. And if she’s unsure, when you speak, she would listen to the feeling behind the words instead of the words itself. (So, sometimes, please pardon her when she gives absent-minded comments.) But, whatever it is, she will always be there to care for you and comfort you through the night.

A Pisces girl always overflows with optimism and zeal. She can get completely lost in sex, romance, or chasing her dreams. So, being around her will make you feel like you can do anything in the world, especially when you do it together. She will always encourage you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams-even if it that means letting you go or allowing you to undergo destructive behaviours. Also, sometimes, you may have to remind her that she can’t always be helping everyone. A Pisces girl tends to be so generous and giving to you and her friends that, at times, she might overlook her own needs.

With a Pisces girl, you WILL always feel like you are the one wearing the pants in the relationship because, that is how she would want you to be. She would be submissive to you and let you protect her and take care of her. Since her “two fishes” are always swimming in different directions, she often feels like she is being pulled in different directions. As such, she would want you to help her in making decisions.

However, you do not have to worry about a Pisces girl being clingy. She understands how people need their personal space because she, herself, is like a fish: she usually goes with the flow yet she needs to swim around and, sometimes, spontaneously jump out of the surface. She understands how the feeling of being wanted is better than being needed; need smothers, want brings you closer. In fact, a Piscean’s greatest fear is becoming a burden to others. She doesn’t hold grudges and she also won’t go around looking for fights. She would rather lose an argument and have both of you happy than prove that she’s right-even when she is.

Date a Pisces girl because it won’t take so much effort. She can easily be happy just by making YOU happy. (:

Details credits to Google and @PiscesAreUs on twitter.


8 thoughts on “Date a pisces girl.

  1. I ifnd this very informative..
    I am a Leo and I am totally headover heels in love with a Pisces woman.
    She is the most sublime and beautiful spirit I have ever come across.
    When I am with her I feel like I can rule the world!!

    However , I am confused !!

    She seems closed off and guarded. She tells me she loves me but does not really open up as much as I would expect a person in love would.

    However, she is the most amazing woman I have ever met and had the pleasure of knowing. I feel torrents of swirling emotion when I text or talk to her.. I am so so so deeply in love and I fear I loose myself almost!

    That is only the tip of the iceburg..
    The fact that she stays around me (communication wise) , tells me that she does see something in me and that implication really motiviates and lifts me.

    I can not wait until she lets her guard down totally with is something worth waiting for.


    • I am inwardly afraid of her rejecting me and I am working to liberate myself of that… However I can truly say that she is the love of my life.. without a doubt..

      If I let her know that I probrably will scare her off.

      Another thing, she does things that make me mad and I say nothing because I am sort of scared that she will cut me off..this is an error and a bad aassumption on my part.

      I can be assertive and she will love me more..its more me scared of abandonment… my issue alone.

      I I can trust her more and open up and be bold when needed and not afraid she will not stick around I think she will totally embrace me as a whole.

      Sorry for rambling

      • Hi Tony,

        Thanks for reading and opening up to me. This is a free space so, feel free to ramble away.
        I’m glad that I helped you in some way. Though do note that my observation is not a be-all-end-all formula. I was laughing so hard when you mentioned how guarded she is – I’m guilty as charged too. And I’m sorry if that’s how we are. Sometimes, I think that’s what we do to see who’ll be interested and sincere enough to climb the wall and reach us inside. However, I do think you should talk to her about issues which are bothering you instead of brushing it off under the carpet. A trick might be to find a time when you’re both on level ground – don’t make it seem you’re attacking or squeezing her. It’s not going to be easy. She may even ignore you for the first few times. But, at least you put it out there for her to consider – she will. And, (i hope) she’ll appreciate your intention to make your relationship even better.
        Plus, be assertive. For me, I’d prefer a guy with a pair as opposed to one who beats around the bush trying not to step on my toes. Don’t lose yourself too much. Be the rock, the anchor, the stable one for her to depend on. As a pisces, she’s already in a dreamy escapist land. She’ll need you to bring her down to earth. I can imagine Leo’s being good in that. Don’t be afraid that you’ll scare her off and she’ll abandon you. I’d like to think that it’s better for you to grow towards each other, working on your differences to be more in sync, than letting float and drift apart. I dunno. *shrug*

        Anyway, all the best for you! If there’s anything else I can help you with, just drop me a message and keep me updated.Take care!

  2. Hi! I just finished reading your post and I have to say, me being a Pisces this is the same as me yet the complete opposite, i’m not really that one you see smiling when I go out on my own, i’m usually very grumpy looking from what i’m told. As for being around a group or a friend I’ve known for ages or a little while, then i’m cheery as can be, but a lot of the Times i’m the silent “everybody knowns me but not

  3. Hi! I just finished reading your post and I have to say, me being a Pisces this is the same as me yet the complete opposite, i’m not really that one you see smiling when I go out on my own, i’m usually very grumpy looking from what i’m told. As for being around a group or a friend I’ve known for ages or a little while, then i’m cheery as can be, but a lot of the Times i’m the silent “everybody knowns me but not everything” type of person. Quite a few people think i’m innocent, I highly doubt that, and are surprised at how much I actually know despite being an “innocent girl”

    Pfft I know my family definetly wouldn’t call me innocent or dependent. I’m just as wild and weird as anyone else. I’m sorry if I upset you a little but even though I did enjoy your post I just get a little peeved when people automa

  4. STUPID GODDAMN PHONE!!!!! Anyway as I was trying to say “Automatically decide or assume we are precious little flowers that will fall apart in an instant, maybe that’s just me but I also have my Chinese zodiac in the year of the tiger and Leo moon and rising Gemini, so you can guess, i’m a fair bit independent and crazy. Not at all saying that every Pisces is like me, some might be the exact version of what your saying but yeah mumbling and everything 😛

  5. I am a Sag and there is this Pisces girl at workplace who is not part of my project. She sometimes stares at me, sometimes ignores me. She bumps into me almost everywhere. She makes lot of eye contact but when I initiate the same she looks away. I caught her looking at me from afar. I have developed crush on her. Don’t know how should I approach her. Help me please.

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