practice happiness.

if you are thinking of how to make the world a better place, here’s an idea: Practice Happiness. it is the cheapest and easiest thing to do. Simply decide to think of happy thoughts to yourself–avoid negativity–and let o0ozing juice of happiness come out. Yes! Emit rays of sunshine smiles as much as you can. Smile to a stranger. Offer help. Say thank you. Give a compliment. Appreciate every small thing (Hi!). Be easily amused with little cute things. Simplify complex task. Be spontaneous. Do a cartwheel. Treat people (especially yourself) with a random pick-me-up. Share some jokes. Read a few comic strips. LAUGH OUT LOUD – don’t just go “lol.” (like, seriously?!) Come on! Be kinder and chirpier and friendlier and happier! No one wants to be with Mr Pouty Pout but it’s always fun to be with Little Miss Sunshine.

Don’t be afraid to use your serotonin or melatonin-your body is abundant of it! Well, that’s when you have good sleep-so pleeease spend enough time with poor Mister Messy-Bed. It’s nice and comfy and smells just like you! (HAHA) Apparently, practicing (and promoting) happiness releases endorphins which make you happier. and when you are happier, you smile–wiiiiideeer. and, OH! how your smile can brighten the day of the people around you…. like a warm sunshine. (hhmmmmmm) yes! It may seem like such a small simple thing. but, if it’s soooo small and simple, why don’t you do it? like, ALL THE TIME. plus, in this gloomy cloudy rainy weather, it makes a world full of a difference. Why would people want to be around people who always complains and rants and pouts? it’s spring time and the only thing people are anticipating for is the warm sunny sunshine smile from Mr Sun. Sooooooo, why don’t you bring summer a little sooner and make your smile a little wider? 🙂


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