memory lane.

Sometimes, memories are not about the things we did.

It’s about who we did it with.

here are some memories i will never forget just because i did it with this awesome awesome people.  ❤ + 😀

  • braiding tiffany and valerie’s hairs while eating jimini pizza during recess break back in high school.
  • cooking a dish with my sisters, kim and kitkat, and using whatever we can find in the fridge as the ingredients.
  • solving crossword puzzles with my paternal grandpa.
  • riding horse carriage (kalesawith chase to go home.
  • acting like tourists in the philippines with chase! with matching attire and camera!
  • rubi and i used to take a dilapidated make-shift raft to cross a river to go home.
  • letting the day pass by doing nothing in particular with win, liselle, ruby’s place while . <–mutually exclusive place and time.
  • everyday after school, ed, aldo, tiffany, chase, elton, valerie, (etc) and i would eat fishballs, pizza, fries, donuts and whatever unhealthy snacks are available around the vicinity of our school.
  • talking on the phone (almost every night) for hoursssss about i-dont-know-what with boonyao. (our phonebills can easily reach almost 200bucks a month)
  • exploring singapore as if fritzie and i were tourist!
  • studying at almost every coffee place possible with fritzie.
  • sitting at cj’s grandstand after dinner with cjc hostel friends.
  • catching lizards to make my ex-roomie, sam, go to sleep.
  • “sunday love ” with chiaweei, putra, and aravind, (etc) don’t get any ideas. we cook (more like experiment with food) and have our “family dinner” at their apartment, 102c.
  • faiz and i check people out (like crazy) while studying in the library.
  • googling/youtubing the randomest stuff at the random time with margie in the room.
  • texting clair really random nonsensical stuff as if we are boyfriends/girlfriends.
  • talking during loooonnng car rides with jon.
  • going for (sunday) mass with jon.
  • sitting at the window ledge and talking with mao.

okay. i can’t think of what else. i shall edit next time! night, friends 🙂


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