my definition of: happiness.

as suggested by my friend, mandyoeni via twitter:

10 things/people that come into my mind when she says “happiness”

  1. ice cream (especially, on sad or sunny days)! ❤
  2. mcdonald’s golden french fries (with loads of ketchup–emphasis on ketchup!) ❤ ❤ ❤
  3. eating chocolate with no nuts in it (: i hate it when nuts get stuck in between my teeth and prevent me from savouring the deliciousness of yummy creamy chocolate..
  4. spending christmas eve with my sisters.. (each of us usually cook a dish and we try to come up with a 10-course meal)
  5. new yr’s eve mass + new yr’s eve countdown (with much food, drinks, and fun) with close friends ❤
  6. undisrupted alone “lazy” time in my room 🙂
  7. making friends and chatting with complete strangers in random places.
  8. random text messages ❤
  9. doing something spontaneous!!!! 😀
  10. touching people’s hearts and helping them better their lives 🙂

PS: i typed this in 10mins. not much thinking. just what came up in my brain. 🙂


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