waste time wisely.

people always think that we do not have enough time. most of us are always rushing from one appointment to another. so… i was thinking that the problem is that, maybe, instead of having good time-management, most of the things we do become time consuming. we sleep abit too much, we talk abit too much, we text abit too much, we surf the internet abit too much. some people even refresh facebook and twitter (and my blog) abit too much. but, the key in life is moderation; a balance of everything– especially so for our most important resource called “time.”

anyway, the weekend is finally here. for some of us, this is the time for us to hibernate in the room and try to catch up with work. or perhaps, this is the time to finally relax a little bit and catch up on our tv shows and have some sleep. for most of us, this is the only time we can spend time with our family and friends after a long tiring week. whatever your plan is depends on your values and priorities and, well, how you want your life to be lived. but, here’s a small tip for me:

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