silly smiles seen from a mile

There are some people or things in our lives whose simple smile or random text or quiet company can automatically make our day. No. It doesn’t have to be the guy/girl you like. It doesn’t have to be from someone special or for something special. It doesn’t even have to be something deliberate or well-thought through. It can be from a friend, a coursemate, an eyecandy, an acquaintance, or even a stranger. The beauty of it is that despite it being so natural and effortless, a simple thing can still make a wide smile crawl onto our face and staple itself there. *piak!* and then, you’ll have that stupid grin sticky-taped onto your face for the rest of the day… Especially every time you remember it while daydreaming and staring into space. Heeeheee:) so, don’t think so much about it. Over-analysis just spoils the carefree fun. If I were you, pretend that you’re Mickie/Minnie Mouse and smile wiiiideeerrr than you can.

Like for example… Imagine how much I was smiling and grinning and giggling when I saw this suuuuuppperr adooorable cuuuuuute little boy on Tumblr today. Oh my gooooooosh!!! Teeeheee 🙂


yep. he’s been making me smile the whooooole day. lol.


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