red blackberry phone

ooooooh. i wanna have this red blackberry!! because, well, it’s RED and it’s a blackberry–with my QWERTY keypad!! and i like the fact that it is not a black “blackberry”–it’s red! irony for fun! hee:) and i bet it would be soooo fun to send random text to my dear friends and loving sisters thru this. and, it would be sooo touching to get random calls from friends in the middle of the day and night. and not to mention looooong (overseas) phone calls with my bestfriends and my family members through this. oooh lala! and, sooner or later, when (and IF) i get a nice interesting guy to text with…. i can just imagine myself, lying on my stomach on my softy comfy red satin bed and grinning towards my red blackberry phone as i giggle and reply to his texts. hahahah 🙂

YEAPS! someday, i will get a red blackberry phone! 🙂


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