cotton candy cloud.

here’s some cotton candy for my dear friends:

since people hardly consider tuesdays special because it’s in between “monday blues” and “mid-way thru the week wednesday.” so, here’s some pink cotton candy to brighten your day up. because pink will make you feel girly and relaxed; as in pampered in pink (<– alliteration.) and because it is soft and cottony, like a soft kiss or a soft touch, which can give you a warm fuzzy happy feeling in your tummy. otherwise, you can imagine that you are high high up in the air and you are sitting on of the clouds– somewhere tranquil and peaceful and school/work free. or, you can imagine being with your friends up there. all of you chasing each other, hopping from one cloud to another. furthermore, since cotton candies are fuuull of sugar, you will feel happy and hyper and hopefully you’ll be able to spread the sweetness and happiness around. therefore, it won’t be “tiring tears-day” anymore; instead, it can be a “ttteeerrriiiifffiiicccc tuesday!” 🙂


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