no stops.

let me tell you that, i am not going to stop.

i’ll love but i won’t stop to wait for that person to love me back.

i’ll hear discouragements and criticisms but i won’t stop. in fact, those will simply push me further.

perhaps, sometimes, i will pause. play. have a pitstop. but, i still won’t just stop.

i’ll pause to help a friend, but i won’t stop because it will serve as a reminder of the greater things i can do.

people might leave me or i might let go of people but that is just a part of life. all cars need to refill their petrol tank through the ride.

maybe, sometimes, i’ll have a detour to pick up some cool, crazy, comforting company to make the roadtrip more fun.

but they have to know that i don’t want to stop and they’ll push the car when the need arise.

i’ll pause to look back at the past or reflect on the present but i won’t be down-trodden with it as every sunrise promises another shot.

i’ll get lost in the dark, but i will continue on to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

and, once in a while, i’ll get stuck in a rut. but, with my feisty fingernails, i will force myself out.

i’ll dream but i will do more than just that. i’ll work on it.

i’ll fall (and, i might cry for awhile) but, i won’t stay there. i’ll stand up and i’ll continue walking.

because, there’s sooo much i can do with my life,

and, i am telling you: i am not going to stop.


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