little reminders of life.

sometimes, people may forget who they are or what they are supposed to do. perhaps, this might be due to the long litany of things-to-do, or maybe the roller coaster ride suddenly had far too many distractions, or maybe we got too busy with the rat race or, well, simply, because there have been life-changing events which-inevitably-DO change your life. therefore, sometimes we lose track of time or sometimes, we lose our way. but, the good news is. you have friends to remind you of who you are. you have friends who will know where to find you when you get lost. you have friends to help you find the light and direct you to where you are supposed to be going. and when, you have friends like these, be glad. because, no matter how “life-changing” the events in your life are going to be, apparently, the friendship you guys have will never-be-changing.


PS: okay, friends. i kinda need reminders of who i am/who i am supposed to be. remind me please.


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