chapter by chapter.

Changes can happen in two ways: Sometimes, life throws a few new things on your way and you have to walk through it. While, sometimes,  you have to decide and take that step to change what you have.

but, the important thing is to realise when a chapter ends and another one starts again.

because, sometimes, we hang on and try to stay in the past when it is time to move on. sometimes, we fail to realise that what happened in the previous chapter was good and it was true but everything changes and  things just needs to come to an end. it is not anyone’s fault. life just happens, i guess and a time comes when the story of your life needs to have another chapter. and it is time for us to move on. sometimes, we cry and cry because a chapter has ended when, in fact, we should be smiling instead-for the fact that what happened actually even happened. some people get too busy looking back to the past; they read and re-read the previous chapter trying to figure out what went wrong such that they fail to realise that if only they flip to the next page, it is actually full of exciting adventures as well. perhaps, we are scared that the next chapter will be very different from the previous one. but, well, that’s how a story goes–with a few twists and turns and with some characters leaving and coming. but, remember that most of them actually stay. and, there is actually nothing to be afraid of. there’s is no point sulking, digressing, analyzing, or hiding.

so, this is me. closing the previous precious chapter. and, flipping the page to another one.

because i realised that when life throws a few new things along my way, i shouldn’t just walk through it, i have to dance through it. and, if there’s any change i want to make, only i, myself, can do it.

because, this is the story of my life–and it is going to be amazing and colourful.

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